Bike Parking

The San Diego Bike Coalition works throughout the county to get more convenient, secure bike parking installed in areas where you live and work. …

Tips for Parking Your Bike

  • Purchase a U-lock and cable lock- review the instructions.
  • Register your bike.
  • Look for proper bike parking racks.
  • Always lock your bike, especially at home. This includes your garage, patio, yard, college residence hall, apartment building, when carrying on a car rack, etc.
  • Lock your bike in a well-lit area where there are other bikes.
  • Do not lock your bike in the same location all the time.
  • Make sure your bike cannot be lifted over the object it is locked to.
  • Create a snug fit with wheels and frame so that there is little space in the u-portion of the u-lock for a thief’s tools.
  • Do not lock your bike to itself – front wheel or rear wheel to frame.
  • Always position your u-lock with keyway facing down.
  • If you're only locking one wheel, it is recommended that you capture the rear wheel as part of your lock-up. Replacement cost for the rear wheel can be up to double the cost of the front wheel.

Bike Valet

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition is well known for our friendly and convenient Valet Bike Parking service that we offer at both public and private events. Some of these events include community fairs and festivals and at larger events like the Tour of California and the Farmers Insurance Open.

Valet bike parking is like a coat check for bicycles.Bike valet service ensures that bicycles and their accessories will not be stolen. People appreciate the extra security of valet and our reputation is well known.

Request Bike Valet at your next event.