Shows slow street sign in Pacific Beach

Diamond Street in Pacific Beach has been closed to through traffic for the last two years, allowing people to bike, walk, jog, and roll through this beautiful neighborhood in a safe, low-traffic environment. Now, San Diego is debating what the future of this program will look like. Will it remain closed to through traffic? Will permanent traffic diverters be installed? What will the final striping pattern be?

Next Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30pm the PB Planning Group and PB Town Council will be discussing the future of the Diamond Slow Street and making recommendations on some of these decisions based on the public input they receive. If you’ve enjoyed this traffic-calmed street over the last two years, or believe in the importance of slow streets, please make your voice heard!

To speak up, send an email to the decision makers on this issue, speak at the public meeting on Wednesday (on Zoom or in-person), and share this information with your friends!


To speak at PB Town Council:

Attend in person at St. Brigid Parish, 4735 Cass St, San Diego, CA 92109 OR sign up to attend on Zoom here:

When the Slow Street comes up for discussion, please raise your hand. Then, when your name is called, simply speak for one to three minutes about why the Slow Street is important to you. Personal anecdotes are the most powerful here!

To send emails:

Please send an email with the subject line “Support for Diamond Slow Street” to the following recipients: 

In this email, simply talk about how you have benefited from the Diamond Slow Street. If you’d like, you can simply copy and paste the following text:

Dear _______

Slow Streets are important for Pacific Beach and I want to see the Diamond Slow Street remain in place. 

The pandemic caused an urgent need for more outdoor recreation space that would enable six-feet of separation. Diamond Slow Street, something members of my community have been wanting for decades, was born out of necessity. It has become a pleasure.

Slowing the street gives me a safe, socially-distanced way to enjoy walking, jogging, biking and skating in my community. The Slow Street is a cost-effective way to reach many community goals. It helps achieve aspects of the Pacific Beach Community Plan, Vision Zero and the City’s Climate Action Plan. 

Most streets in Pacific Beach lack bike lanes, and only accommodate experienced riders willing to ride alongside speeding traffic. Slowing down streets by encouraging drivers to take alternate routes creates safer space for everyone. Slow Streets open possibilities for people of all abilities and mobility needs to share street space. Watching kids safely ride down Diamond Street is pure joy.

Slow Streets promote social connectivity, environmental health, and community safety. Since opening, biking on Diamond Street has nearly tripled, while vehicle traffic has decreased significantly.

To be truly effective and sustainable, we need to knit that sense of safety and mobility across Pacific Beach. Let’s keep Diamond Street slow, and add a North-South slow street. Businesses adjacent to Slow Streets thrive. In Vancouver, a study on dedicated and protected bike lanes showed a reduction in ground floor commercial vacancies. 

Streets along the PB Pathway would benefit by going slow. More slow, please!


[Your Name Here]

Let’s keep fighting for a safer, more sustainable San Diego!