Tell Carlsbad to Encourage Safe Cycling!

On August 23rd, the City of Carlsbad declared a local state of emergency around bike safety in response to the killings of two bicyclists on city streets within one week. This will allow the city manager to immediately begin reallocating city resources to help save lives. After two years in which bike-involved crashes increased by over 100% in Carlsbad, we believe this is a necessary step.

On August 30th, at 5pm, the Carlsbad City Council will be voting on whether to continue this state of emergency. Will you join us at this in-person-only meeting and tell the Council to maintain the state of emergency?

While we believe this state of emergency is an unprecedented opportunity to improve cycling in Carlsbad, we need to make sure that the city’s response focuses on safe infrastructure and bicycling education, not increased enforcement against cyclists. We need to encourage more cycling to make it safer for everyone, not penalize it!

To learn more about our full position on this issue, read our letter below.

How to Get Involved:

We need as many people as possible to show up in person to the Council meeting and speak in support of increased investment in bicycle infrastructure and education. The Carlsbad City Council will meet tomorrow, August 30th, at 5pm at the Carlsbad Council Chamber:

1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008 

The Council will be discussing the local state of emergency under Item 12: RATIFICATION OF A PROCLAMATION OF BICYCLE, E-BICYCLE AND MOTORIZED MOBILITY DEVICE
SAFETY LOCAL EMERGENCY. This should begin around 6pm.

To speak, fill out a speaker slip when you enter the chamber, indicating that you wish to speak on Item 12. Once your name is called, you will have three minutes to speak. 

Every voice counts!