I have ridden bikes since age four. It has always been my favorite thing to do and has led to many great friends, cycle tours, unicycling, mountain bike riding, commuting, and more! —Karl Rudnick, Bike Coalition Member

Our Mantra

We believe bicycling is a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation that should be safe and attractive to everyone who wants to ride, wherever their destination and whatever their purpose. Bicycling is good for our communities and for the people who ride, and so we work to increase the number of people who ride bikes as a regular part of their lives.

Mission + History

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition advocates for and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles. We promote bicycling as a mainstream, safe, and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation.

Since 1987, we have acted as voice for bicyclists in the region and have advocated for safer streets and hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes and trails all across the San Diego region. We conduct educational programs, promote awareness of bicyclists and bicycling issues, review infrastructure improvements, and act as a voice for bicyclists to elected officials and decision makers all over San Diego County.


By 2017, our successes will have led to transportation policies and funding priorities that:

  • Reduce bicycling-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities by 50% proportionally from 2010 levels
  • Result in 200 new miles of integrated and safe bikeways and supporting facilities across the county
  • Result in five new bike-friendly business districts and a minimum of 50 recognized bike-friendly employers.
  • Double the number of trips by bike in San Diego County (as defined by SANDAG)

View our Strategic Plan.

Bylaws of San Diego County Bicycle Coalition 2017