Board + Staff

Andy Hanshaw, SDCBC Andy Hanshaw, Executive Director

Andy Hanshaw, MPA, has been Executive Director at the Bike Coalition since July of 2011. He is also the founder and organizer of the annual Bike the Bay community bike ride that takes place each August in San Diego. A career nonprofit and development professional, he has lead efforts to help small businesses working with Business Improvement Districts in San Diego and Portland, Oregon and he also led fundraising efforts for the recently built San Diego State University Alumni Center. He rides just about anywhere, anytime and he enjoys going on long rides all throughout San Diego County as well as his daily bike commute from Point Loma where he and his wife Sandy live and own The Wine Pub, a cozy, bike-friendly wine bar and restaurant.

Michelle Luellen, Education Program Manager

Michelle Luellen brings community outreach, community organizing, grant writing, and project management experience to her position as Education Program Manager. She taught high school in Chicago and went through her League of American Bicyclists Certification training while she was 5 months pregnant. Her favorite part of the day is commuting to work on her bicycle and loves to hang out with her husband and 6-year old son.

Kevin Baross, Program Coordinator

Kevin was born with a bike helmet on his head and hasn’t taken it off since. As a native San Diegan and LCI since 2005, Kevin knows the bicycling community like he knows his own family. He rode across the United States in 2007 (left to right) with his father and brother, and loves commuting by bike whenever possible. He lives in Normal Heights with his amazing fiancée and dog, loves old records, new restaurants, and medium aged whiskey.

Daniela Trujillo, Bicycle Advocacy Coordinator

I am a true urban planning nerd when traveling through cities like Tokyo or Oaxaca City; I am the one taking pictures of that cool protected bike lane and fascinating underground bike vaults.  And, it is inspiring to see so many international cities tackling public health issues, environmental issues, and social justice issues in their bike-friendly built environments. It is also encouraging that the City of San Diego has adopted Vision Zero and the Climate Action Plan—both are tied to providing safer bicycle lanes.

With my academic background in Urban Studies and Planning at UCSD and my travel experiences, I envision to see bicycling and other modes of transportation valued in our built environment for a greater quality-of-life.  In addition, I bring my experience working in the public sector, both in the Planning and Engineering Departments for City of Escondido.

As a native of Escondido, and now a homeowner in San Diego, I look forward to being the new Bicycle Advocate Coordinator!

Skii Fleeton, Membership & Marketing Coordinator

“Having grown up as an only child, riding a bike was a means of freedom and transportation.  I rode to school by myself, about a mile each way, through parklands and neighbourhoods beginning 3rd grade. Previous to that my mum would carry my in the back of her yellow tricycle to school (she was cool before before her time).  We had a freedom as children back then, that so many kids today will never experience, and I want to get our neighbourhoods back to that healthful freedom and sense of wonderment that we cherished, being outside every day; rain hail or shine.

Biking is so important to our lives whether we do it regularly or not. It changes our landscape, our outlook, our mental health. It is an escape from the mundane; connecting communities, intersecting lives and relationships. Whether it be mountain bikers on single track, commuters on our streets, kids on the sidewalks, or bike packers in rural settings, riding a bike connects us with our surroundings and with ourselves.

This is the reason I am passionate about biking. It is not to go fast, or wear spandex; I barely do either of things. I advocate for it because it is the logical thing to do going forward in this world. We look to renewable energies, sustainable farming and such, but we must think about the impact that we have on our surroundings on a daily basis.

We must step outside of our 3 ton pollution producing steel box, and choose to ride that short distance to the store or even the longer distance to our jobs. Cycling is the answer to so many civic questions, it motivates me to want to do better in the area that I live in and share my love with those that I meet everyday.

I love helping business owners see out their vision of more community empowerment, greater local customer engagement and safer streets to their establishments.

I adore going to schools and getting the kids excited about Bike To School Day’s.  There is nothing greater than a hearing a child have their first “WOOHOO” moment when they learn to ride their bike. I live for this, and I wish I could help more to get there!”

Jesse Clark, Bike Valet Coordinator

Jesse has a background in software engineering and aeronautical studies.  He has also been active in a number of non-profit organizations, local and national, in various leadership roles.  He is an avid commuter and recreational cyclist. He joined the Coalition in January 2017 to support the organization and promote it’s mission of a more bike-centric lifestyle.

Jesse enjoys the outdoors, flying, stargazing, camping and hiking, traveling the world and especially, bicycle touring.

Bike Coalition Board of Directors


Chair: Khalisa Bolling

Vice Chair: Katie Crist

Treasurer: Kevin Wood

Secretary: Mary Elliot

Committee Chairs

Advocacy: Katie Crist and Stephan Vance, co-chairs

Education: Jim Baross

Council of Bicycle Clubs: Myles Pomeroy

Board Members
Club / Organization Members

Tim Reeves/Bike Buddies

Diana Rose/ Blind Stokers Club

Dave Nichols/ Cyclo-Vets

Bernard Bogard/ Descenders Cycle Club

Cheryl Prestianni / Knickerbikers

Dave Campilongo/ Major Taylor Cycling Club

Serge Issakov/ San Diego Bicycle Club

Myles Pomeroy/ San Diego Wheelmen & Sierra Club Bicycle Section 

Jean Passino / Sports for Exceptional Athletes Cycling Club

Scott Harvey / Cal Coast Bike Club

Douglas Alden / Bike/Walk Alliance

Vi Nguyen/ Bikes Del Pueblo

At Large Members
Jim Baross

Khalisa Bolling

Candice Bowen

Katie Crist

Esteban Del Río

Mary Elliott

Paul Gorman

Richard Opper

Stephan Vance

Kevin Wood

Linda Webb