Bike Month T-Shirt Design Contest

Got design skills?

Do you moonlight as a graphic designer?

Or are you like us, and just so obsessed with bikes that you draw them all over the place?

If you answered yes to any of these, make sure to participate in our Bike Month t-shirt design contest!

In preparation for Bike Month, we’re challenging you to come up with an awesome design for our Bike Month t-shirt! The winning design will be featured on the front of our 2021 t-shirt! Whether you’re a graphic designer, a talented artist, or love drawing bikes, we want to see how creative you can get!
Starting in April 1st, you can submit your unique and creative design, and if your design is chosen as our favorite, we’ll use it for this year’s Bike Month shirt, plus you’ll win a free shirt for yourself!
Before you get started on your masterpiece, there are some guidelines to be aware of:
    • Deadline: Submit your design anytime between now and midnight on April 25th! This will give us enough time to select the winner and start the printing process before the start of Bike Month!
    • Your design should include:
      • the text “Bike“, “Month“, and “2021“. Don’t be scared to get creative with this though! We’re open to using a stylish apostrophe (as in Bike Month ’21) or getting crazy with the letters (like a wheel for the O in ‘month’).
      • a bicycle or bike related imagery. Don’t overthink this part! We’re pretty open about the imagery, just make sure your finished design screams ‘bikes’.
      • three colors or less, but no more than four!  Print screens can get expensive and to make this contest possible, the design should be made with fewer colors.
    • Sizing: Try to stick around 9’’x11’’. If your design is selected as the winner, we may have to contact you during production for exact sizing.
    • How to enter your design:  Submit your masterpiece by using the submission form below.  We prefer the file in one of the following file types:




Submit Your Bike Month T-Shirt Design
Tell us about your design. If you have a title, or a short story that inspired you to create this design, share it here.
Preferred format is a .PNG, .PSD, or .SVG file.