Vote for the 2017 Coalition Bylaws Update

At the April 26, 2017 Board Meeting the San Diego County Bike Coalition’s Board of Directors finalized an updated version of the Coalition’s Bylaws. It is now up to all active members to cast their vote to approve these Bylaws. Members have 30 days to review the updated Bylaws and cast their vote. The outcome will be announced at the July 26, 2017 Board Meeting. Please click here to review the updated Bylaws. To view the changes from the previous version, please click here for a markup version showing additions, deletions, modifications. Active members will receive an email invitation to vote online. The invitation will be from:, so your email’s spam filters may need to give permission for this sender. If you are an active member and have not received your voting invitation by June 24, 2017 please contact

A brief summary of the changes is:

  • Changes the annual election cycle to match the fiscal and calendar year. Instead of serving July to June, the board terms would be January to December. Also in order to accommodate this change in election cycle, there is a one-time 6 month term for July to Dec 2017.
  • Provides clarification and consistency on the definition of “Board-approved Organizations” and “Bicycle Clubs”
  • Allows for electronic voting of board members (currently bylaws only allow electronic voting for bylaws changes)
  • Encourages more at-large board candidates than open seats
  • Any board member elections that result in a tie are now resolved by coin flip instead of holding a revote (a revote is much more difficult when going to electronic voting)
  • Clarifies reasons and policies for removing a board member
  • Proxy voting is prohibited. A proxy vote is when someone tells someone else to vote a certain way for them because they cannot attend in person. CA state law does not allow this.
  • Updated the Statement of Non-discrimination to more modern language