Chula Vista Broadway Bikeway

Broadway is a commercial corridor and main thoroughfare in Western Chula Vista and currently has four high speed traffic lanes with no bicycle facilities. The lack of bike facilities on this street mean that bicyclists tend to ride on the sidewalk (often times in the wrong direction) – impeding pedestrians and surprising motorists that are exiting the business parking lots. The corridor is home to the highest concentration of both bicyclist and pedestrian collisions in the City according to the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans.

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition is pushing for class 2 bike lanes (buffered bike lanes) along Broadway.

A buffered bike lane on Broadway is a relatively inexpensive treatment and will greatly increase the quality of life in the neighborhood by reducing bicycle collisions, increase bicycle and pedestrian traffic to local businesses, and transform this area of Chula Vista into a healthier, more livable community.  This is especially important in Western Chula Vista where low income, transit-dependent residents are concentrated.


The Bike Coalition’s Regional Bike Walk Alliance member in the area, Bike Walk Chula Vista, has been working with City staff members over the last year to advocate for the new bike lane. The City’s newly awarded SANDAG grant to create a Healthy Communities program supports the installation of a new bike lane on Broadway as a mechanism to promote healthy lifestyles throughout the City.

The Bike Coalition will support the volunteer-led group with this project by developing outreach materials and holding community workshops in partnership with Bike Walk Chula Vista and the City of Chula Vista to gather input and support.

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