Four reasons why…

  • Makes bridges and roads less safe and jeopardizes public safety
  • Eliminates funding for 6,500 transportation improvement projects currently underway
  • Eliminates thousands of jobs and hurts our economy
  • Is opposed by firefighters highway patrolmen, engineers and more than 300 organizations

Prop 6 Endangers Important Transportation Improvement Projects:

  1. Projects fixing potholes and repaving crumbling roads= 3,727

  2. Projects dedicated to improving road safety= 1,571

  3. Repairs or replacements of bridges and overpasses= 554

  4. Projects relieving traffic congestion= 337

  5. Improvements to public transportation operations and services= 453

  6. Projects improving pedestrian safety= 442


*Yes on Prop 6 claims that with the increase of gas taxes, people will spend over $700 per year extra. What they don’t tell you is that people will spend over $739 per year on car maintenance and repairs due to degrading road conditions and postponed road maintenance!


Say NO to PROP 6!