Bicycle Friendly Driver Class

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Have you noticed that there are more bike riders on the roads these days? Learn to drive safely and lawfully around bike riders in our virtual Bicycle Friendly Driver Class!

Motorists and cyclists have the same rights on the road, but we often feel like very different beings when we are navigating the streets. Riding two abreast, exiting bike lanes, passing traffic…many of these maneuvers are legal, but do you know where and when? 

Our Bicycle Friendly Driver Class follows the League of American Bicyclists’ curriculum. Learn the road rules as they apply to both cars and bicycles in this one-hour class. We’ll teach you how to drive legally and respectfully as you share roadways with people on bikes. 

This information is valuable to motorists and cyclists alike. Learn to be a bike-friendly driver with our online class offering. 

This one hour interactive virtual class is taught on Zoom. 


October 18th, 2022 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM
Zoom Meeting
United States