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The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition advocates for, and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles. We promote bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation.

We believe bicycling is a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation that should be safe and attractive to everyone who wants to ride, wherever their destination and whatever their purpose. Bicycling is good for our communities and for the people who ride, and so we work to increase the number of people who ride bikes as a regular part of their lives. Learn more…

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13 hours ago

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

Did you know it’s National Bike Month?! 🚲☺️ Get a breath of fresh air, reduce your carbon footprint 👣 and choose to ride your bike🚴‍♂️! We want to give a shout out to Chula Vista Brewery who we are partnering with for National Bike Month. They brewed up their JJ #PaleAle for us and made a special batch called #SDBIKES in support our wonderful cycling community! 🙌🏽☀️
So come out Thursday night at 6pm to May Bike Month Bikes On Tap at Chula Vista Brewery and share a brew and a biking tale with us! #chulavistabrewery #sdcbc #lifebybike #bikesontapDid you know it’s National Bike Month and today is #Bike to Work Day?! 🚲☺️ Get a breath of fresh air, reduce your carbon footprint 👣 and choose to bike to work today! We want to give a shout out to @sdbikecoalition who we partnered with to brew our JJ #PaleAle in support our wonderful cycling community! 🙌🏽☀️ #chulavistabrewery

18 hours ago

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

North County bike + walk advocacy and community participation opportunity this week Thursday in Solana Beach. Come join in !!!Come to the Lomas Santa Fe Study workshop at City Hall, Thurs May 24 at 5-7pm. This is the best way to offer your opinion and see what the City is thinking so far for making this major corridor safer and more attractive for all road users. ...

#Repost @cvbrewery
Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 24th! 📆 We have collaborated with @sdbikecoalition on a new brew that we know you will all enjoy! 🍻 Little history: before cars 🚗 there were bikes 🚲, before #IPA, was pale ale 😋 In order to ride your bike you must have balance, that's how this beer was created 🙌🏽 #happybrewing #chulavistabrewery🍺

4 days ago

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

5 days ago

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

Record High Numbers...Way to Roll San Diego County!
www.facebook.com/iCommuteSD/posts/1370334703067158We’re excited to announce we recorded more than 10,950 visits to San Diego County Bike to Work Day pit stops this year! We’re thankful for all our great pit stop hosts and partners who made the day possible. We hope you continue to GO by BIKE all year long! iCommuteSD.com/BiketoWorkDay SANDAG - San Diego Association of Governments

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{"eventId":2548,"title":"Chula Vista Bike Scavenger Hunt","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/chula-vista-bike-scavenger-hunt\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 3, 2018 @ 11:30 am","endTime":"1:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event duration: 11:30 am-1pm\nAddress: 276 4th Avenue Chula Vista CA 91910\nBring your friends! Bring your co-workers! Bring your bike! Meet us at City Hall by the fountain to participate in…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2548 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2549","venue":"Chula Vista City Hall"}
{"eventId":2545,"title":"Bike Month Kick Off Party","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/bike-month-kick-off-party\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 3, 2018 @ 6:00 pm","endTime":"9:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event duration: 6-9pm\nEvent Address:\u00a01301 Market St, San Diego, California 92101\nFREE! 2018 Bike Month Kick Off Ride and Celebration! Join us for a ride to Barrio Logan and then to Quartyard…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2545 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2546 tribe-events-last","venue":"Quartyard"}
{"eventId":2533,"title":"Bike in Movie for Eco-Heroes","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/bike-in-movie-for-eco-heroes\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 4, 2018 @ 6:00 pm","endTime":"","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event address: 4275 Cass Street San Diego CA 92109\nEvent duration: 6-8pm\nBike to the Pacific Beach Library’s Taylor Greene for an evening of free entertainment and education!\nThe Bike Fair from 6-8pm…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2533 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2534 tribe-events-last","venue":"Pacific Beach Library"}
{"eventId":2550,"title":"24th Annual Eastlake Cycle 5K and Technology and Innovation Fair","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/24th-annual-eastlake-cycle-5k-and-technology-and-innovation-fair\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 5, 2018 @ 6:00 am","endTime":"2:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event duration: 6:30am-2pm\nAddress: 900 Duncan Road, Chula Vista CA 91914\nRegister here:\u00a0https:\/\/eastlakeeducationalfoundation.salsalabs.org\/eastlakecycle5krunandtechnologyinnovationfair\/index.html\nExplore majestic hills and stunning lake views while raising money for technology in our schools! Those of you who like…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2550 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2551","venue":"Eastlake Middle School"}
{"eventId":2517,"title":"Carlsbad Smart Cycling Road Session II","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/carlsbad-smart-cycling-road-session-ii-2\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 5, 2018 @ 9:00 am","endTime":"3:30 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Address: 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008\nEvent duration: 9am-3:30pm\n\nRegister Here:\u00a0\nThe Smart Cycling Road Session II is for students who have completed the Classroom Session I.\n\nIt includes (1) parking lot drills…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2517 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-573 tribe-events-last","venue":"Carlsbad Senior Center"}
{"eventId":2450,"title":"Oceanside Smart Cycling Classroom Session I","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/oceanside-smart-cycling-classroom-session-i-9\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 7, 2018 @ 6:00 pm","endTime":"9:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"This is a great opportunity to learn\u00a0how to ride your bike safely! League of American Bicyclists Certified\u00a0instructors will share their wealth of knowledge and make sure you leave feeling comfortable…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category-education tribe-events-category-workshops post-2450 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe_events_cat-education tribe_events_cat-workshops cat_education cat_workshops tribe-events-venue-134 tribe-events-last","venue":"Oceanside Community Rooms"}
{"eventId":2451,"title":"Oceanside Smart Cycling Road Session II","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/oceanside-smart-cycling-road-session-ii-9\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 12, 2018 @ 9:00 am","endTime":"3:30 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"This is a great opportunity to learn\u00a0how to ride your bike safely! League of American Bicyclists Certified instructors will share their wealth of knowledge and make sure you leave feeling…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category-education tribe-events-category-workshops post-2451 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe_events_cat-education tribe_events_cat-workshops cat_education cat_workshops tribe-events-venue-134 tribe-events-organizer-1940 tribe-events-last","venue":"Oceanside Community Rooms"}
{"eventId":2537,"title":"Coronado Bike in Movie and Bike Rodeo","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/coronado-bike-in-movie-and-bike-rodeo\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 18, 2018 @ 6:30 pm","endTime":"8:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event Duration 6:30-8pm\nEvent Address:\u00a02000 Mullinex Dr, Coronado, CA 92118\nRide your bike to Tidelands Park for a family movie night with pre-screening activites such as prize giveaways, a bike rodeo and…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2537 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2538 tribe-events-last","venue":"Tidelands Park"}
{"eventId":2526,"title":"The Empire Bikes Back (Bike Rodeo with Star Wars Theme)","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/the-empire-bikes-back-bike-rodeo-with-star-wars-theme\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 19, 2018 @ 9:00 am","endTime":"12:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Address:\u00a0\u00a06905 Skyline Dr, San Diego, CA 92114\nEvent duration: 9am-12 noon\nBring your family! Bring your friends! Bring your bike!\nParticipate in a Star Wars themed bike rodeo in the parking lot of…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2526 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2527","venue":"Morse High School"}
{"eventId":2553,"title":"Bike Night at Lindo Lake","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/bike-night-at-lindo-lake\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm","endTime":"8:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event address: 12660 Lindo Lane, Lakeside CA 92040\nEvent duration: 6-9pm\nThis safety program for kids will be presented by local low enforcement with safety-related activities by community center staff. Vehicle access…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2553 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2554 tribe-events-last","venue":"Lindo Lake County Park"}
{"eventId":2535,"title":"Bike to Art","permalink":"https:\/\/sdbikecoalition.org\/event\/bike-to-art\/","imageSrc":"","startTime":"May 26, 2018 @ 10:00 am","endTime":"2:00 pm","imageTooltipSrc":"","excerpt":"Event address: Logan Avenue and Cesar Chavez Street, San Diego\nEvent duration 10am-2pm\nExcited for KCicletas second annual Bike to Art event 2018.\nCommunity bike ride, bike rodeo, BMX show, art show and…","categoryClasses":"hentry vevent tribe-events-category- post-2535 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish tribe-events-venue-2536 tribe-events-last","venue":"Chicano Park"}
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