Report a Road Hazard

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition knows the importance of smooth and safe pavement for bicycling.

We are asking our members to help spot sections of crumbling pavement across the county. While we continue to work toward advocating the repaving and incorporation of bicycle facilities in long corridors that carry a lot of bike traffic, municipalities continually repaves one- or two-block segments of roadway that need it. This improves the city’s roadway condition, and addresses pavement needs in neighborhoods across the city while avoiding the higher cost associated with longer projects.

Report any surface hazard – this includes potholes, debris or glass on the street, and utility or construction crews that might be blocking the bike lanes while they work.

San Diego County

Street Maintenance Hotline: 1-877-684-8000

San Diego County — Public Works: 1-877-684-8000


CALTRANS District 11 – San Diego and Imperial Counties

Email Seth Cutter at


Street Related Maintenance and Repair

Pavement marking maintenance (red curb): 760-434-2980

Potholes and other street repair: 760-434-2980

Street light repair: 760-434-2980

Street signs: 760-434-2980

Street sweeping: 760-438-2722

Traffic signal issues: 760-434-2980

Chula Vista

Public Works Service Request

Damaged or Missing Street Sign: 619-397-6000

Sidewalk Repair or Street Light Problems: 619-397-6000

Faded Street lines/Walkways: 619-460-BUMP or 619-460-2867


Report a Traffic or Transportation Planning Issue

Bicycle Committee: 619-522-7380

Request Maintenance Repairs (Sidewalks, Streets or Structures)

Del Mar

Department of Public Works

Department of Traffic Engineering

Report a Pothole or Malfunctioning Traffic Light:  858-755-3294

Report a Malfunctioning Street Light:  858-654-1219

El Cajon

Department of Public Works: 619-441-1658

Engineering Division

Traffic Division

Resource for Solving Neighborhood Concerns

Report a Concern


Department of Public Works: 619-633-2850

Street Maintenance: 760-633-2850

Traffic Engineering: 760-633-2790

Encinitas Traffic Commission


Engineering Services: 760-839-4651

Traffic Engineering: 760-839-4595

Report It

Pothole Hotline: 760-839-4349

Imperial Beach

Public Works: 619-429-4311

Street Maintenance: 619-628-1373

La Mesa

Department of Public Works: 619-667-1450

Street Maintenance

Traffic Division

Traffic Calming

Traffic Commission

Maintenance Request: 619-667-1450

Lemon Grove

Department of Public Works/Engineering

Streets Division

Report a Problem: 619-825-3810

National City

Department of Public Works: 619-336-4580 or

Street Light Maintenance: 619-336-4580

Street Maintenance: 619-336-4580

Street Sweeping: 619-336-4580

Traffic Safety Committee


Department of Public Works

Traffic Control: 760-435-4500

Street Maintenance: 760-435-4500

Street Sweeping: 760-435-4500

Oceanside Bicycle Committee

Request a Service/Report a Pothole


Department of Public Works: 858-668-4700

Traffic Engineering: 619-668-4668 or

Street Maintenance: 619-668-4751

Street Sweeping

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Traffic Committee

San Marcos

Department of Public Works: 760-752-7550

Streets and Drainage Maintenance: 760-752-7550 x3314

Street Light Outage


San Diego

Street Division Services

Request a Street Service

Crash Caused by a Maintenance Issue

Email the City of San Diego Bicycle Coordinator, Tom Landre at


Engineering and Traffic Division: 619-258-4100 x165

Pothole Repair: 619-258-4100 x188

Street Light Maintenance: 619-258-4100 x167

Street Sweeping: 619-258-4195 x100

Report Traffic Problems: 619-4100 x190

Solana Beach

Engineering and Public Works

Road/Street Maintenance: 858-720-2470

Neighborhood Traffic Management


Department of Traffic Engineering

Department of Public Works

Current Projects and Construction Updates

Traffic Calming, Traffic Signals or Traffic Safety Issues: 760-726-1340 x1389

Street and/or Pothole Repairs contact Public Works: 760-726-1340 x1606.