The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition advocates for and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles. We promote bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation.

We are currently in unprecedented times.  As we look to the future, some of our programs to Advocate, Educate and Celebrate are running virtually if possible, but many of our legacy fundraising events are suspended due to COVID-19. Without your support, we face mass reductions of all programs, as well as a threat to our organization itself. To continue our work right now, we need your help.

Your help allows us to work for better bicycling access and infrastructure, provide education programs for youth and adults who want to ride and encourage public officials, regional partner and advocates in joining us in making San Diego County THE most bike-friendly region in the nation.

There are several ways to donate and support the Bicycle Coalition:

2020 End-of-Year Giving Campaign

On behalf of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, THANK YOU! 

As we all faced the challenges and uncertainties that 2020 brought us, we are especially grateful for your ongoing support for our organization and our efforts to make bicycling an everyday joy in our lives that helped get us all through this year in particular. The hurdles we faced on our own personal levels and as a team here at the Bike Coalition have been met with the realities and and disappointments of not physically being together for the rides and events we love so much, but I am incredibly proud of how we have evolved and adjusted throughout the year to continue to deliver on our mission for better bicycling for all. We’ve made commitments to face the injustices we have seen and are proactively working harder to address our own inequities and are proud of our new Outreach and Equity Committee as well a new Outreach Coordinator staff position that came about this year. And despite not being together, we’ve seen advocacy victores and great progress this year to build out our local and regional bikeway networks.  We’re rolling forward and ask for you to continue to join us and support the Bike Coalition with your year end gift. No matter how much, it all matters as we put these funds towards our growing list of (virtual) classes and advocacy efforts. We simply can’t do what we do, without your generous support. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and a bright new year.

Cheers and Gears!

Andy Hanshaw, Executive Director

Individual Donation

Donating to the the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition helps us to make bicycling better in San Diego County. We represent everyone who sees bicycling as a solution for the traffic, health and environmental challenges we face in our communities. We can’t do it alone. The Bike Coalition depends on bicyclists and supporters like you to continue our work making cycling a healthier and more sustainable means of transportation and recreation. 

Event Sponsorship

Every year the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition runs multiple open street (CicloSDias), education, advocacy, and fun events of all kinds. If you would like to become an event sponsor, simply click on the button and our event staff will contact you directly.

Love to Ride San Diego County Challenge Sponsorship

Support the the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition by being a sponsor for the Love to Ride – San Diego County bike challenges.  Bike Challenges held during the months of May and September support bicyclists new and old to ride to work, for health and fitness.

Current Sponsors