North Park/Mid-City Bikeways

The North Park/Mid-City Bikeways project will make it safer and easier for people of all ages and abilities to navigate through the North Park/Mid-City communities via roughly 13 miles of bicycle boulevards and protected bikeways. These facilities will feature elements such as traffic calming, safer crossings, and other enhancements that will improve the comfort, security, and ease of riding and walking for everyone.
 The project is now in the preliminary engineering and environmental analysis phase, which will extend into 2016.
Four distinct segments make up the NP/MC project: Meade – Monroe; Howard – Orange – University; Robinson – Landis; and Georgia. The following goals will be integrated into the project’s design:
  1. Safety: Provide safe, livable, complete streets that serve people of all ages and abilities.
  2. Access: Provide direct access to schools, transit, community destinations, and commercial centers.
  3. Experience: Design innovative facilities with appropriate separation from vehicular traffic, traffic calming elements, and end-of-trip facilities.
  4. Community: Be consistent with and leverage community planning efforts.
  5. Placemaking and Sustainability: Support placemaking, sustainability, equity, and economic development and redevelopment efforts.
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