Uptown Bikeways

The Uptown Bikeways project will enhance neighborhood connectivity between Uptown, Old Town, Mission Valley, Downtown San Diego, North Park, and Balboa Park; promote active living and healthy communities; and make streets safer for people who bike, walk, drive, and take transit. Features include streetscape enhancements and amenities that will make roadways more pleasant for people of all ages and abilities to walk or ride a bike for everyday trips. The project also will create links to the larger bikeway network being built throughout the region. The Uptown Bikeways include five segments:

Segment 1: Fourth and Fifth Avenue Bikeways

Segment 2: Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways

Segment 3: Washington Street and Bachman Place Bikeways

Segment 4: Mission Hills and Old Town Bikeways

Segment 5: Park Boulevard

The Uptown Bikeways project is one of the first high priority projects identified in the San Diego Regional Bike Plan to be funded for implementation. 

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