Sign the Petition for Bicycle Safety along Morena Boulevard!

The City of San Diego recently began re-striping Morena Boulevard as construction on the Balboa Trolley Station comes to a close. Despite the connectivity to the Blue Line Trolley, Morena Blvd is being returned to a 4-lane speedway, with little to no safe space for residents, school children, cyclists, pedestrians, and commuters seeking access to the new mass transit station at Balboa Avenue. Cars often travel at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour on this road, even while there is still construction going on and through a school zone. 

The Bicycle Coalition has partnered with nearby residents to call on City of San Diego to install what was agreed to and adopted as part of the Balboa Station Area Specific Plan and Morena Corridor Specific Plan. The Balboa Station Area Specific Plan was adopted in 2019 and calls for wider sidewalks and a two-way Class IV Cycle Tracks along the west side of Morena Boulevard from Gesner Street to the Balboa Station. This would calm traffic, and in doing so would allow for safer connections to the new Balboa Station, provide a much needed connection for residents, transit riders, runners, walkers, parents with strollers, and cyclists.

Please consider signing and sharing the petition to promote safety along Morena Boulevard.