Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Data

Since 1987, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition has acted as the voice for bicyclists all across the San Diego region. We conduct educational programs, promote awareness of bicycling issues, advocate for safe bike lanes, paths, and trails, and work with elected officials and other decision makers to help make bicycling a safe and accessible activity for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Our San Diego Crash Tracker tracks and reports every bike and pedestrian crash in San Diego in real time. Using software from Streets for All, this program monitors police scanners and automatically tweets out the location and details of every crash, as soon as police are notified. Follow @SDCrashBot on Twitter to see the reports. You’ll be shocked how many people are hit by drivers on our unsafe streets every day.

We want this program to help drive home just how frequently people are hit by drivers while walking or riding their bikes in San Diego. We know that over 300 people are killed or seriously injured by drivers while walking or biking in San Diego County each year, but that ongoing tragedy becomes much more visceral when you read the details of a life-changing crash almost once every hour.

Additionally, we want to emphasize that these constant crashes are preventable. Other countries have cut traffic violence fatalities by eighty percent through lowering speeds and  installing a basic set of road safety features. Our leaders here in San Diego can, and should install those features on dangerous roads. We hope this tool will help our elected officials and traffic engineers understand traffic violence as the ongoing public health emergency that it always has been.

If you have lost a loved one to traffic violence, we encourage you to reach out to Safe Streets San Diego.

Safe Streets San Diego is a group of families who have lost their loved ones to traffic violence. Our goal is to save future lives by advocating for safer streets and driver accountability while supporting each other in the process. We are dedicated to revolutionizing our road system so that no other families have to go through the pain that we have experienced

Thank you to Eric Dasmalchi and Streets for All for helping us launch this program!  To support the Crash Tracker, donate to the San Diego County Bike Coalition below.