Ebike Education

We teach a range of ebike classes and we can even design custom classes for you!

Ebike Class Offerings

All About Ebikes- Virtual Class

New to Electric Bikes? We love them and want to make sure you understand how and where to ride them so that you get excited about ebikes too!

This is a great class for people who are considering buying an electric bike, or unfamiliar with electric bikes.

We offer this class by request.  An ebike safety assembly is available for free to all schools in San Diego County through the SANDAG iCommute program.

City Cycling for Ebikers

Not comfortable on the road?

Get ready to ride in the city! In this class we cover general ebike safety, emergency maneuver skills, legal rights and responsibilities. It’s perfect for beginners, and equally valuable for experienced ebikers that want to brush up on road rules.

Classes are open to bike riders of all ages. E-bikes welcome! Class content applies to both regular and e-bikes. The 3-hour class is broken up into 3 parts: lecture, skills drills, road riding.

On the group ride we take frequent stops to discuss bike infrastructure and riding skills.


City Cycling for ebikers in Encinitas- May 7th, 2022 from 9am-12pm

City Cycling for ebikers in Encinitas- June 4th 2022 from 9am-12pm

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The City of Encinitas, in partnership with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition offers free classes!

  • We are strongly recommending that you wear a face mask during the 45 minute indoor lecture portion of this class.
  • You must already know how to ride a bike to attend this class.
  • We do not provide water or snacks during this free 3 hour course.
  • Youth under 15 must be accompanied by an adult, and all youth under 18 must have a parent or guardian drop them off, and sign a waiver.
  • We highly recommend that parents take this class with their child so they can both learn the skills and road rules.
  • There is no listed age limit for participating in this in-person class, but we will be riding on roads and in areas without bike lanes, so children must be mature, strong rider and good listeners.

Youth Ebike Education in Schools

This 40-minute assembly (in-person or virtual), provided by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, includes the rules of the road for all bike riders, but focuses specifically on regulations for e-bikes and tips about where to ride and how to ride an e-bike legally and safely. This assembly can be tailored for elementary, middle or high school students.