Smart Cycling Classes

The Smart Cycling Program is a great opportunity to learn how to ride your bike safely! The program is offered in 2 sessions. A 3 hr Classroom Session orients you to best cycling practices, followed by a ~6 hr Road Session where you put what you learned in the classroom to practice. The curriculum is certified by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and taught across the USA. Your instructors have been certified by the LAB to teach Smart Cycling.

Classroom Session I:

This is a 3-hour session, some offered virtually and others in person – please check each class for how it is run. This session is a pre-requisite for the Smart Cycling Road Session II. During this class we cover:

  1. Bicycling and the law
  2. Crashes and how to avoid them
  3. How to drive your bike safely in a variety of road, traffic, and weather conditions day or night.

Road Session II:

This 6-hour in person class is for students who have completed the Classroom Session I. It includes:

  1. Parking lot drills where you will increase your bike handling skills and learn some emergency maneuvers to avoid motor vehicle collisions.
  2. Riding on a variety of local streets and bike paths while practicing proper lane positioning and performing safe and legal turning maneuvers.
  3. About 12 miles of riding with frequent stops. Casual riding pace so feel free to dress for comfort, not for long distance riding. 
  4. A multiple choice exam at the end of the class (available in English or Spanish) and a Certificate of Completion is awarded to graduates.

Smart Cycling Class Schedule and Registration Links

Smart Cycling is taught by the SD County Bike Coalition monthly and alternates between venues in Oceanside and Mira Mesa. Other classes are scheduled as needed. Currently all classes are offered free courtesy of grants from the City of Oceanside and through the SD County Bike Coalition. All participants receive free membership with the Coalition, entitling them to monthly communications and other member privileges.


2022 Schedule

In consideration of COVID-19 safety, some of the Classroom Session I classes are still offered virtual via Zoom. The Road Session II is again offered in person. See the schedule below and more info for each class regarding COVID-19 protocols.

Click on the date of your preferred class to register.

A minimum of 6 students is required for each session. If the minimum is not met, students may be moved to a later class.

Interested in taking your skills to the next level with the League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor Training?

The next LCI Seminar will be on June 24th, 25th and 26th, 2022 in Oceanside, CA.

Practice your road skills at home!

There are some essential maneuvers that you’ll learn during your Smart Cycling Session II class.

Check out the video links below to learn more about these skills and practice at home!

Videos on Youtube