North County Bicycle Resources

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Bicycle Advocacy Organizations

Interested in getting involved with bicycle advocacy? The Bike Walk Alliances are a great place to begin!



Encinitas BikeWalk

Need to report a problem with infrastructure?

For problems in the City of San Diego use the GetItDone App.

Need to report a problem in Encinitas? Download the MyEncinitas App!

Bike Routes in North County

Where are the bike trails and bike lanes in your neighborhood? Click on the interactive regional bike map below to see where you can ride!

We recommend exploring google maps or apple maps as well to map the best route. Cross reference with the SANDAG iCommute bike map to be sure that you’re choosing the best roads for your route.

Check out some San Diego County bike routes by clicking the link below.

Bike Shops in North County

Need a tune up? Want to buy a new bike? Click the link below to find a bike shop near you!


The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition works with community organizations and cities all around San Diego County to offer free bike skills classes.

Some of the popular classes includes:

  • City Cycling- This 3-hour in person class is taught monthly in Encinitas
  • Smart Cycling- This two part class is taught monthly in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Downtown or Mira Mesa.
  • Biking with Kids- This class is taught virtually
  • Bike/ebike Safety in schools– These classes are taught in schools throughout San Diego County. Contact a school administration if you’d like to sign up your school.

Check out all the upcoming classes by clicking the link below.


Great weather all year round means the fun never stops!

Find out what’s going on in your area by clicking the link to your city’s cycling page.

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition puts on events all over San Diego County as well, so be sure to click on our event calendar below!

Cycling Clubs

With coastal views, hills, and gorgeous trails, cycling in North County is really rewarding! 

Are you looking for some friends to ride with? Check out the list of local cycling clubs below and click the logos to learn more about the groups.

My club isn’t listed! Contact to get your club added to this page.

Electric Bike Information

What are Electric Bicycle?

Electric Bicycle (ebikes) are bicycles that have a battery and motor. This give you extra power which is great for riding up hills, into wind, or ensuring that you can get in some exercise before work without breaking a sweat.

Are all ebikes the same?

No! Some ebikes have a motor built into the front wheel, some have a motor built into the rear wheel and some have a motor built into the crank system, a.k.a. mid-drive motor.

Another distinction is how your access the power. With some ebikes you only get the power assistance when you are pedaling. On other ebikes there is a throttle that you can use to make the bike move even if you are not pedaling. There are a few different classifications of ebikes, and there are slightly different rules that apply to each one.

Type 1- Pedal-assisted ebike. Power maxes out at 20mph.

Type 2- Throttle-assisted ebike. Power maxes our at 20 mph.

Type 3- Pedal-assisted ebike. Power maxes out at 28 mph.


Want to learn more about electric bikes? Click the link below!

Infrastructure Projects

coming soon!

Safety and Road Rules

Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as motor vehicle users. Click below to find the California Vehicle Codes that apply to bicycle riders.

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