Board + Staff

Andy Hanshaw, SDCBC Andy Hanshaw, Executive Director

Andy Hanshaw, MPA, has been Executive Director at the Bike Coalition since July of 2011. He is also the founder and organizer of the annual Bike the Bay community bike ride that takes place each August in San Diego. A career nonprofit and development professional, he has lead efforts to help small businesses working with Business Improvement Districts in San Diego and Portland, Oregon and he also led fundraising efforts for the recently built San Diego State University Alumni Center. He rides just about anywhere, anytime and he enjoys going on long rides all throughout San Diego County as well as his daily bike commute from Point Loma where he and his wife Sandy live and own The Wine Pub, a cozy, bike-friendly wine bar and restaurant.


womens teeHannah Williams, Program Manager

Hannah began working with the Bike Coalition in October 2013 building the Regional Bike Walk Alliance. In March 2014 she joined the Bike Coalition as Project Coordinator. Hannah brings experience in non-profit development, programs, and outreach as well as Active Transportation planning to this position. Hannah has worked with the San Diego Association of Governments in the Active Transportation Program focusing on the Regional Bicycle Network and Early Action Program. Previously, Hannah was the Development and Outreach Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation. She holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Indiana School of Philanthropy.

Hannah is an everyday bike commuter and passionate touring cyclist. She is currently 550 miles into her 2,000 plus mile journey along the west coast.

Erin Stephens, Membership and Marketing Coordinator

Erin joined the Bike Coalition in June 2015 as the Membership and Marketing Coordinator.

She moved to San Diego two months prior in April. Previously, she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for two years with Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii as Project Coordinator. She worked an additional year with the affiliate as Community Relations Coordinator, partnering with organizations to build homes. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration from Boston University and also holds her certification as a Health & Wellness Coach from Georgetown University.

She loves being a part of active communities and sharing her passion of bicycles. She is also an avid triathlete and competes in Olympic-distance races with a long-term goal of racing for Team USA.


joel bio photoJoel Flood, Social Media and Outreach Coordinator

Joel moved to San Diego from Philadelphia at the beginning of 2014 and has found a home at the Bike Coalition. Here, Joel offers his Project Management and IT experience along with his social media skills to assist with projects and to help deliver the message that bicycles are a great way to get around. Previously, he managed a world-renown vintage bicycle shop for 18 years, bringing life back to old bicycles and keeping trusty “friends” on the road. He enjoys bicycle history, especially innovations and its social importance. He loves talking about old bikes!

He is an avid commuter and long distance rider, riding in the two recent Paris-Brest-Paris randonnées.


Kelsey Jenkins, Advocacy Coordinator 

Kelsey joined the Bike Coalition in April 2015 as the Advocacy Coordinator.

Kelsey’s career began with her education – she received a degree in Environmental Science from the University of San Diego. Throughout her time in college, she worked as an intern for various nonprofit organizations such as the 1:1 Movement and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. It was during this time that she found her niche as an advocate for the environment and developed her passion for politics and policy. As her interns and values emerged and evolved, she understood that being a true supporter of environmental issues meant adjusting her lifestyle to reflect her beliefs, which is where her bike came in! After ditching her car in favor of her best two-wheeled friend, working for the San Diego Bicycle Coalition as the Advocacy Coordinator came as a no-brainer.

When she is not riding around town or at work, she peruses farmer’s markets, does yoga, and drinks exorbitant amounts of hot chocolate.

Corey Hart, Bike Valet Coordinator

Arriving in San Diego in 2010, Corey instantly fell in love with the ability to commute via bike year-round. Originally from Michigan, wintry rides were not his favorite. In Michigan, Corey sat on numerous committees and coordinated annual events and galas to raise funds for The Helen DeVos Childrens’ Hospital. Since childhood he’s always had his hands in some nonprofit or fundraiser, and is happy to have found a small role at the Bike Coalition.

When he’s not setting up and staffing bike valet services at festivals and events throughout San Diego County, Corey is a partner in a small restaurant company and works as a professional freelance photographer. He is a big fan of any kind of cycling, and has an intensely close relationship with his Surly Long Haul Trucker.

Bike Coalition Board of Directors


Chair: Kevin Wood

Vice Chair: Judi Tentor

Treasurer: Julie Hocking

Secretary: Maria Olivas

Committee Chairs

Advocacy: Khalisa Bolling, Chair

Randy Van Vleck, Vice Chair

Education: Jim Baross

Organizational Development: Carrie Stemrich

Council of Bicycle Clubs: Serge Issakov

Regional Bike Walk Alliance: Howard LaGrange

Board Members

Carl Ebert/Bike Buddies

Tony Morrison + Jennifer Erwin/ Blind Stokers Club

Dave Nichols/ Cyclo-Vets

John Moran/ Descenders Cycle Club

Robert Leone/ Knickerbikers

Paul Mitchell/ Major Taylor Cycling Club

Dave Rideout/ North Coast Velo Cycle Club

Robert Groff/ Rusty Recyclers

Serge Issakov/ San Diego Bicycle Club

Myles Pomeroy/ San Diego Wheelmen & Sierra Club Bicycle Section 

Hans Wangbichler/ Urban Bike & Social Club

Jim Baross

Khalisa Bolling

Elayne Fowler

Julie Hocking

Howard LaGrange

Maria Olivas

Travis Pritchard

Carrie Stemrich

Judi Tentor

Randy Van Vleck

Stephan Vance

Dave Voss

Kevin Wood