Meet the Staff

Kevin Baross, Education Programs Manager

Kevin was born with a bike helmet on his head and hasn’t taken it off since. As a native San Diegan and LCI since 2005, Kevin knows the bicycling community like he knows his own family. He rode across the United States in 2007 (left to right) with his father and brother, and loves commuting by bike whenever possible. He lives in Normal Heights with his amazing wife and 3 dogs, loves old records, new restaurants, and medium aged whiskey.

Elizabeth Bowersox, Program Director

Elizabeth was born and raised in San Diego, but she discovered her love of road and gravel biking in Boulder, CO. Now, she rides the streets of San Diego with a mission to make cycling safe and accessible for all types of riders. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cycling whether it be for commuting, recreation, or fitness. When she isn’t climbing Mt. Soledad, you can find her playing music in Pacific Beach, practicing yoga, bouldering, playing tennis, and eating California burritos. 

Jesse Clark, Operations Manager

Jesse has a background in software engineering and aeronautics.  He has also been active in a number of non-profit organizations, local and national, in various leadership roles.  He is an avid commuter and recreational cyclist. He joined the Coalition in January 2017 to support the organization and promote its mission of a more bike-centric lifestyle.

Jesse enjoys the outdoors, flying, stargazing, camping and hiking, traveling the world and especially, bicycle touring.

Sam Pearse, Outreach Coordinator for Youth Programs

Sam is an educator who grew up in California and has taught in Costa Rica and Spain. Sam moved to San Diego in 2020 without a car and enjoyed his first year exploring the city car free. His hobbies include combining public transportation with bike trips around the San Diego area, hiking, cooking and swimming. Although he considers the bicycle to be one of humanity’s greatest inventions he is not opposed to improvements. Along these lines, Sam has built unusual bikes including swing bikes that hinge in the middle, extra tall bikes and even a tall swinging chopper bike. For Sam, riding puts a whole new spin on life and lets us imagine other worlds that are possible.

Daniel Rodriguez, Digital Marketing Manager

Daniel is a native San Diegan, born and raised in Chula Vista. He has been cycling for over a decade beginning with mountain biking the hills of South San Diego with his uncle. These days he rotates between his tracklocross, road, and old-school 80s commuter. 

As a carless commuter, Daniel has always been passionate about alternate modes of transportation, and as a person of color, he understands the barriers marginalized groups encounter in cycling culture and infrastructure. He hopes to improve the visibility and accessibility of those groups, making cycling welcoming to all. 

In his free time, Daniel can be found riding around the city shooting photography, playing disc golf, and enjoying a good beer.