March 2021 Advocacy Update

Hello, fellow bike advocates! I am so excited to join the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition as the new Advocacy Manager. I have spent my first month here familiarizing myself with ongoing projects throughout the region, attending community workshops, and making connections with our elected officials. It’s clear to me that we are entering a new era for cycling in San Diego – where our government, regional planning agency, and advocacy organizations like ours are working together to make cycling a viable form of transportation throughout our county. Here’s your March advocacy update:

Bike Advocacy

Bicycle Coalition staff have recently met with two US Senate offices (Feinstein and Padilla), two of San Diego’s Congressional representatives (Reps. Peters and Jacobs), in addition to San Diego City Councilmembers and their staff. 

In our meetings with Senate staff, we asked that our Senators support the Complete Streets Act. This bill would require the US DOT to create minimum standards for a complete streets policy, including giving local governments guidance. We also asked our Senators to support the Senate Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act, a small program created to provide local governments access to 2% of transportation funding for local priorities. 

We asked our Representatives to support the House version of the Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act, in addition to a newly introduced House bill that would provide $500 million annually to connect America’s Active Transportation System.

We have spoken to San Diego City Councilmembers about their budget priorities in the upcoming fiscal year. We thanked our councilmembers for continuing to fund the city’s Climate Action Plan and calling for changes along several Vision Zero corridors. We also asked our local officials to fund the cleaning and maintenance of bikeways throughout the city.

Lastly, the City of San Diego is updating its General Plan to add an Environmental Justice element and is asking for public input. Environmental Justice ensures that people of all races, cultures, and incomes are equally and equitably valued, protected, and served by laws, regulations, and policies that impact the environment around us. This survey is an excellent opportunity to ask that the city build bicycle infrastructure in underserved areas. Please fill out this survey before March 31st, 2021.

Construction Updates

SANDAG has over 70 miles of bikeway projects currently in progress, with 13 miles under construction. Several of these projects are due to come online in the coming year, including the Rose Creek Bikeway (opens April 2021), the Georgia-Meade & Landis Bikeways (opens Spring 2022), and the Fourth & Fifth Ave Bikeways (opens Spring 2022).

An additional 32 miles are nearing construction, with three projects expected to begin construction this year: The 6.5 mile Border to Bayshore Bikeway connecting the San Ysidro Port of Entry to the Bayshore Bikeway; the 2.5 mile Barrio Logan Segment of the Bayshore Bikeway along Harbor Drive between Park Boulevard and 32nd Street; and the 3-mile Imperial Avenue Bikeway between 17th Street and 47th Street.

In downtown San Diego, several bike infrastructure projects are beginning construction or coming online. The first block of the 14th Street Greenway has opened between Market & G Streets, removing parking spaces to create a linear park along the Class III bike route. The following two blocks are scheduled to begin construction by the end of this year. In addition, construction has started of one-way cycle tracks along the Pacific Highway corridor between Laurel and B Streets. 

Bike Theft Awareness Month

It’s March and to celebrate the beginning of Spring, we’re launching our Bike Theft Awareness Month campaign! We’ll have weekly education events where you can register your bike, multiple educational YouTube Livestreams, opportunities to win a FREE Abus bike lock, and advice for protecting your beloved bike or recovering a stolen bicycle. 

We also have a ton of classes, events, giveaways and family-friendly activities planned this month and we hope to see you there!

*All events should be done solo or with your housemates, and classes can be completed from the comfort of your home. We can also offer ASL interpretation or closed captions by request. Please contact if you have questions about accessibility.

Bike Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Want to learn how to fix bikes? Want to earn a new bike along the way? Enroll in our upcoming Bike Mechanic Apprenticeship Program! This program is primarily focused on High School and College students, but open to anyone who wants to learn how to fix a bike, and hoping to master the skills needed to become a bike mechanic! This program is perfect for anyone that loves to tinker on projects, loves working with their hands, or wants to be able to work on their own bikes. No bike repair or tool experience is necessary, just a love for all things bike. Scheduling is flexible, and we’ll work with you to ensure the best fit with your schedule. So come and join us at the Centerline Marketplace and become a bike mechanic! To get involved, email:

Volunteers needed! If you have experience as a bike mechanic and love sharing your knowledge with others, email and be sure to include any details about any relevant experience!

Other News

Community Plan Update

Community Plan Updates The San Diego planning department is  finalizing the community plans for many of the city’s neighborhoods. These plans are crucial to the future of bicycle infrastructure, as they set agendas for what kind of road designs can be built for years to come. If you live in any of these communities, please take a moment to review

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Quick-build Bikeways in San Diego

By Hoang-Dan Nguyen        Although San Diego is boosting its efforts to expand its bicycle infrastructure network, these improvements are not coming fast enough to prevent injuries and deaths on our roads. Partially due to unsafe infrastructure, at least fourteen cyclists have been hurt or killed in collisions with motor vehicles in San Diego County over the past

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AB 122 Stop as Yield

On September 3, 2021, California lawmakers passed a bill that could reduce cycling accidents. Still expected to be signed by Governor Newsom, A.B. 122 would give cyclists the option to yield, rather than stop, at stop signs when safe to do so. According to Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horbath, this bill will encourage safer riding and have long-term benefits on the

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Thank You!

It’s been an amazing first month as the Advocacy Manager for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition! If you know where San Diego can build better bike infrastructure, or if you need assistance meeting with your local officials, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact SDCBC Advocacy: