No on AB 371: Save Bike-Share! – CalBike

Bike-share systems benefit California communities. Bike-sharing provides essential last-mile transportation connections, gives people an easy way to try riding a bike, and makes our streets safer for all riders. 

Yet legislators in Sacramento are on track to kill this vital service. AB 371 would impose an unfair insurance requirement on bike and scooter sharing systems that would put every bike-share operator in California, both public and private, for-profit and non-profit, out of business.

Contact your California Senator today and tell them to vote NO on AB 371, to Save Bike-Share!

This bill imposes unprecedented insurance requirements on shared mobility operators that would effectively end bike and scooter sharing systems in California. It would require system operators to carry insurance coverage for damages caused entirely by the rider. Such coverage is not currently available and, if it were, would be cost-prohibitive. This requirement applies not only to big operators like Lyft, Bird, Jump, and Spin but also to municipal bike-share like the LA Metro system and local bike-sharing operations run by small nonprofits.

For more information, check out the CalBike campaign page.