Board of Directors


Stephan Vance – Chair

Stephan Vance has been a Bike Coalition Board member since 1996. He also served on the Board of the California Bike Collation from 1998 to 2017. Stephan retired in 2018 from a 36-year career with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) where he worked in a variety of transportation and land use planning areas, but his primary focus was on active transportation. He helped developed design guidelines, oversaw grant funding programs that promoted bicycle and pedestrian travel, and helped develop a variety of major regions bike projects, including the Bayshore Bikeway, Coastal Rail Trail, Inland Rail Trail, and San Diego River Trail. Now that he’s retired, he’s riding his bike more for recreation.  When time permits, Stephan enjoys bike touring and has toured a variety of locations around the country.

Diem Do – Vice Chair

Diem Do was born in Vietnam and has resided in San Diego for more than 20 years.  She began cycling in 1999 as a volunteer fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has since done similar fundraising for many organizations and charities. Via her education and profession, Diem has been dedicated to promoting and developing healthy communities, which includes planning and constructing programs and facilities whereby all residents have access to multi-modal transportation opportunities, physical activity and nutrition, and safe and healthy homes.  She looks forward to working with SDCBC to further its goals of making bicycling a key component of creating a livable and healthy San Diego. 

Diem is also the chair of the SDCBC Membership Committee.

Keith Fuller – Treasurer

Keith Fuller and his wife Gail have been residents of the San Diego community of Tierrasanta since 1991, having moved there from upstate New York.  Keith had been an avid long-distance runner for many years, but has now fully transitioned to bicycle riding, which is easier on the knees. Keith is involved in a variety of activities and organizations, including the Tierrasanta Kiwanis.

Keith is retired after a long and varied management career in the energy industry.  Keith has been a member of the Knickerbikers for about 15 years, and he occasionally rides with the Major Taylor club as well as a club in New York State.

Melina Cunha – Secretary

Melina Cunha works for the City of San Diego’s Sustainability Department where she implements the Climate Action Plan to reduce climate change-causing emissions while improving the daily lives of San Diegans. She is especially interested in the transportation sector and wants to improve the bike infrastructure in San Diego by adding more protected bike lanes and empowering more people to use a bike for whatever they choose, while focusing on equity and those who have been historically underserved. In her free time, Melina likes to get outside and explore everything San Diego has to offer, whether that is on a bike ride through her neighborhood, hiking through the many trails, walking around Mission Bay, or cultivating her small garden patio. She also volunteers for the Birch Aquarium where she loves to educate visitors about marine life and conservation at the aquarium and on whale watching tours.

Committee Chairs

Mary McGuirk – Advocacy

Mary McGuirk is an urban planner with five years of experience in active transportation planning and outreach. Her experience of working in both private sector and non-profit industries has shown her the importance the nexus these two industries may have to solve complex mobility issues. Mary is focused on increasing regional equity by advocating for a well-connected network of bike facilities that everyone may use for a variety of trips. Mary is also a national board member and San Diego chapter chair of the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals.

Richard Opper – Bike Center Project

Richard has been a cyclist most of his life, and he shares a great passion for both the activity and the history of cycling with his wife. Retired now, he worked as a lawyer, specializing in environmental law for the past several decades in San Diego. Richard appreciates the opportunity to help the Coalition achieve its goals. He believes that the Coalition has much promise for cyclists, and that a rebirth of the golden age of cycling may lie before us.

Myles Pomeroy – Council of Bicycle Clubs

Myles is a retired urban planner who had a 23 year career with the City of San Diego and 15 years previously with the City of St. Louis. He rode his bike to work virtually every day in San Diego. He continues to ride recreationally several times a week. His professional background and continuing cycling activity means that he advocates for making San Diego more transit oriented and more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Accordingly, Myles wants to promote a more compact development pattern for San Diego and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He currently serves as the Sierra Club Bike Section representative on the SDCBC Board.

Jim Baross – Education

Jim Baross has been a Coalition member since 1986 though not a founding member. He has served the Coalition as Board Chair, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Spokesperson, and currently as Chair for the Education Committee. He has been teaching bicycling for the League of American Bicyclists since 1986 as an Effective Cycling Instructor, a League Cycling Instructor, and an LCI Coach. He is a Regional Trainer/Coach for League Cycling Instructors having trained more than 300 instructors in California and Nevada. Jim also is a CyclingSavvy instructor. His bicycling credentials include being a ride leader for “BikeCentennial ‘76” riding across the USA Westbound in 1976 then again Eastbound using the Northern Tier to cross the USA in 2007 with his two sons; Kevin and John. 

Jim has served as Chair of the San Diego Regional Association of Governments (SANDAG) Bicycle Pedestrian Working Group; Vice-Chair of the Department of Transportation’s California Bicycle Advisory Committee and as President of the City of San Diego Retired Employee Association. He presently serves as Co-lead for the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Bicycling Challenge Area 13; and as President of the California Association of Bicycle Organizations; as well as Vice Chair of the Normal Heights Community Planning Group.

Katie Crist – Governance

Katie Crist, PhD, MPH, is a public health researcher at the University of California, San Diego. She is interested in working with transportation planners, decision makers and advocates to help create vibrant communities that support health, equity and opportunities to be more physically active in our everyday lives. Her research interests include evaluating how the built environment and transport infrastructure impact health and travel behavior and the delivery of programs to increase biking, walking and transit use.  She gets to work, and most places, by bike so is well aware of the challenges to non-vehicle travel in our region. She has been engaged with the Coalition since 2012, serving as the Chair of multiple committees and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.

Diem Do – Membership

Diem Do was born in Vietnam and has resided in San Diego for more than 20 years.  She began cycling in 1999 as a volunteer fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has since done similar fundraising for many organizations and charities. Via her education and profession, Diem has been dedicated to promoting and developing healthy communities, which includes planning and constructing programs and facilities whereby all residents have access to multi-modal transportation opportunities, physical activity and nutrition, and safe and healthy homes.  She looks forward to working with SDCBC to further its goals of making bicycling a key component of creating a livable and healthy San Diego. 

Diem is also the chair of the SDCBC Vice Chair.

Denice Williams – Outreach + Equity

Denice Williams has been a cyclist in San Diego for the past 30 years. She joined the SDCBC board in 2017. As a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor she leads group rides, bike rodeos and maintenance workshops all over San Diego County. Denice is on the SDCBC’s Council of Bicycle Clubs Committee and she is  a “co-shero” for the San Diego Chapter of Black Girls Do Bike, a national group that inspires women of color to get outside and ride bikes.

Joe Garcia – Outreach + Equity

Joe Garcia has been in Southern California for his whole life and in San Diego since 1993. He recently retired from the San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services Agency as an Administrative Analyst. Joe has commuted, ridden recreationally and toured various parts of the USA and Mexico. As a bicycle commuter he was fortunate enough to have met a unique segment of our population that is independent, health conscious and value the environment. Joe is a member of various cycling clubs, and recently a tour leader for the Adventure Cycling Association. As a resident of North Park he has observed the community emphasis toward higher population density which encourages active transportation and improving our cycling infrastructure. These concepts are things that he finds very important to the cycling community and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Members At Large

Amanda Bekele

Amanda is a Procurement Manager at Illumina. She serves on two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), SHADES and iPride, which are employee formed and managed groups that deliver career development experiences and increase cultural awareness. She also served on a Corporate Relations Committee for the Human Rights Campaign-Austin and was an AT&T ERG Board Member for their Pride group. Amanda recently moved to San Diego a year and a half ago from Austin and has a passion to promote cycling road safety and community outreach. Amanda loves to bike and understands it is a great tool for independence, transportation and health of the body and mind and wants to help people discover and enjoy biking too!

Dorothy “Dorrie” Bruggemann

Dorrie has lived in San Diego for a year and a half, and does work in
voter outreach and community organizing. She has many memories of
bicycling while growing up in Iowa, and enjoyed bicycling as her main
form of transportation while living abroad in Spain for several years.
Returning to the States and moving to San Diego allowed her to
realize the extent to which cars are prioritized in our transportation
systems. After living here over a year, she still finds herself sometimes
afraid to explore new areas on her bike due to safety concerns. She
sought out SDCBC in the hopes of helping create a San Diego where
people from all walks of life can get around safely and comfortably
using their bicycles, and where bicycling as a means of transport is
viable across the entire city. As a board member, Dorrie will represent
young, female, and casual bicyclists, and those who want all people
and communities to be able to share the joy of bicycling!

Alexandra (Alex) Flores

Alex was born and raised in Central San Diego. However, Alex had to see the world, so she moved to Boston for a few years, where She really saw what bike and public transportation infrastructure can do for a city. 
She haven’t always ridden bikes, but in the past few years it has become a large part of her life. Alex rides her bike to work, to the store, to breakfast and everywhere in between. 
Alex has faced some challenges as a cyclist in San Diego and has become a member of this board to make San Diego streets safer and more accessible to everyone, but especially womxn and BIPOC where the barriers are higher.  

Kirie Hodges

I don’t remember my first baby steps. However, I vividly recall the first time I successfully rode my bike without training wheels. Some of my earliest memories are of riding with my dad in a child’s bike seat as we rode around with my mom and sister as a unit. When I was an adolescent, my cousin and I used to spend our summer days riding miles around the neighborhood. We rode until the tires were flat, and then we learned how to patch and change a tube. Although I wasn’t one of those kids, I used to admire the students who rode their bikes to school.

Nowadays, as an adult and a proud parent of a Six year-old boy, we ride our bikes (metal horses) daily. My son can echo the ABC’s of Biking (Air, Brake and Chain) and he knows how to safely ride his bike. We ride together all the time, and while keeping our heads on a swivel, we see that we have inspired others to ride their bikes too.

Frank Lehnerz

Frank Lehnerz is an avid transportation bicyclist, touring bicyclist and member of the San Diego Bicycle Club. Frank’s primary interest is in bicycling advocacy is ensuring proper facilities that do not create additional conflicts or issues are built and that people who want to ride bicycles understand the best practices for riding safely. Originally from Wyoming, he relocated to the cycling paradise of San Diego five years ago from Fort Collins, CO. His educational background is in Civil Engineering and Spanish and he currently works in the energy industry for a consulting firm.  

Frank also participates in the Council of Clubs and the Advocacy Committee.

David Leyva

David Leyva is a news producer for CBS 8, and a three-year San Diego resident. His passion for cycling was something he inadvertently stumbled upon after getting into a car accident. He resorted to a used bike from craigslist to get to work, and quickly fell in love with the long commute and the freedom of being on a bike. Although he got a new car, cycling became his favorite way to get around, and soon ventured into longer and more adventurous rides. Today, he rides primarily for leisure and is always on the lookout for fun and creative ways to get around San Diego. As a board member, he hopes to help address the needs of cyclists who ride for fun and those who use bicycles as a primary source of transportation, especially in underserved communities.

John Loggins

John has worked at the University of San Diego for over 18 years and is currently the Director of Community Engagement for the Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action. In that role John is committed to creating democratic and equitable community partnerships that generate authentic relationships capable of addressing societal challenges.

As an avid biker, you will not see John driving to work but rather biking or walking up the steep west entrance hill. He can also be seen biking to yoga regularly to keep his mind and body sustainably energized. John is not only committed to the well being of the local San Diego community but international communities as well. He works hard to meaningufully connect USD faculty and students to the communities throughout San Diego, Tijuana and even abroad in Jamaica (where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer). John’s community engagement work transcends borders and traditionalism while still incorporating sustainability and sustainable practices. 

Karl Rudnick

Karl Rudnick is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor. He teaches Smart Cycling classes as well as youth programs. As a founding member of BikeWalkSolana (the Solana Beach Active Transportation Advisory Committee), Karl advocates for cyclists’ rights to the road, improved roadways and infrastructure for everyone who rides and wants to ride bikes. Karl aims to get more clubs on the board of the SDCBC with a focus on advocacy related to bike clubs. Currently he is the Webmaster and software administrator for and he is active on Education, Advocacy, Council of Clubs, and BikeWalk Alliance Committees. 

Richard Stakelum

Richard Stakelum is a Government Employee supporting the U.S. Navy in Coronado, CA. A life-long supporter of bicycling in all form from recreation to commuting, he has ridden across the U.S, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Richard’s favorite ride is the 5 Boroughs Ride in NYC with thousands of riders on a 48-mile course through all sections of the city. As a member of the Point Loma Rotary Club, he is the Director for Ride the Point, a local charity bicycle ride that raises awareness and funding for pancreatic
cancer research.

Richard rides about 25 miles per week around the city for recreation and
participate in many regional organized rides as part of the Rotary
Cycling2Serve Team. He has always admired the work of the SDCBC
and is honored to be on the board. Richard has participated in the Organizational and Membership committees, and he looks forward to assisting in planning for the Liberty Station Bicycle Center, and lobbying for improved bicycle-friendly neighborhoods.

Kevin Wood

Kevin wood has been on the SDCBC board since 2011, serving three terms as Chair and two terms as treasurer. He has been excited to watch the organization grow and he hopes to support its growth.

Kevin is a native of Sacramento. He was on the UC San Diego cycling team, and have lived in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, which gave him a great view of the range of cycling conditions and future possibilities.Kevin and his wife are both regular bike commuters and want to make the streets safer for their family. They do daycare drop-offs and most of our errands by bike.

Club and Organization Members

Will Hardin – Major Taylor Cycling Club


Serge Issakov – San Diego Bicycle Club

Serge Issakov has been a member of the Coalition board representing the San Diego Bicycle Club since 2004. He chaired the Council of Clubs previously and is currently vice chair. Member of Advocacy committee. Serge is a League Certified Instructor. He also sits on San Diego’s Mobility Board representing District 1, and serves as Secretary on the board of the California Association of Bicycling Organizations. Serge is skeptical about the effectiveness of most bike infrastructure in terms of significantly increasing ridership and improving actual rider safety. He believes more emphasis on education and marketing good traffic cycling skills and practices would be far more effective at making cycling safer, more enjoyable and more attractive for anyone 8-80. He would like to see more emphasis on getting the 2% of the population that does 90% of the riding to use bikes more for commuting and other utilitarian trips.

Howard La Grange – Bike/Walk Alliance

Howard has been an active cyclist for over 60 years and a member of the Coalition since 2005.  He continues to promote active transportation currently working as the Active Transportation and Micromobility Coordinator for the City of Oceanside.  A League Cycling Instructor since 2000, he teaches Smart Cycling classes and holds bike education rodeos for elementary schools.  He has worked with the Coalition to form local advocacy organizations (BikeWalks) to promote active transportation in their communities.  The goal is to have the regional BikeWalks work with their local municipalities in promoting biking and planning bike facilities.

Blanca Lowery – Bike Walk Chula Vista

Blanca Lowery is a Human Resources professional, bike rider and mom.  She is passionate about getting people on bikes and making our great city even more bike-friendly.  Blanca obtained experience working with different bike users with varied needs for riding a bicycle, while working at a local bike shop.  She also has led weekly shop rides on the streets and trails of the South Bay. Being a mom to two young boys has given her a broader perspective on riding a bike in the city.  She became a member of Bike Walk Chula Vista, where she plays an active role in advocating for complete streets. 

Jaimie Lynch – Challenged Athletes

Jaimie is  the cycling events and fundraising manager for Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF).  She thrives off of helping others and has an enormous passion for giving back.

Jaimie has been running cycling events and cycling herself for over 6 years. It was through her previous employer she developed a passion for cycling and now gets to incorporate her love for the sport with her job.

Originally from Iowa, Jaimie decided shortly after college that the cold weather wasn’t for her and immediately moved to San Diego. With her free time, you’ll catch her indulging in all the good food San Diego has to offer, riding her bike, jogging by the ocean, or spending time with friends.

Monte Murbach – The Turtles

Monte Murbach is a registered geologist and certified engineering geologist with over 30 years experience in engineering geology. He has conducted numerous soil, rock and foundation investigations as well as geologic hazard, seismic, and landslide evaluations for clients throughout the western United States and Baja California, Mexico. Mr. Murbach is an active member of various geologic societies in the western United States.

Dan Orr- Blind Stokers

Dan Orr has been with the SDCBC since 2019. He has served the City of Coronado on their ad hoc Bicycle Committee and, for eight years, he has been on the Coronado Bicycle Advisory Committee. Dan is a retired marketing rep and he referees high school and college club volleyball. He is interested in protecting and promoting the rights and responsibilities of the avid cyclist.

Dan also represents the Blind Stokers’ Club and the Crown City Cyclists (Coronado).

Mark Semancsin – Bike Buddies

I am an ex runner and running coach that can no longer run. Now, after retiring from a management career, I enjoy cycling, working out at the gym, Pilates, Yoga, all to stay in shape.  Due to gyms being closed and less activities from Covid 19, in the first 10 months of 2020, I rode over 11,000 miles with 650,000 ft of climbing on my bike.  My greatest recent achievement was a solo, unsupported ride of 208 miles in one day in June, averaging over 15mph.  I’m fulfilled from leading rides for the Bike Buddies Cycle Club. I enjoy the company from other riders while participating in physical activity.   

Committees & Meetings

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition’s board of directors and committees meet regularly. If you are interested in getting involved with one of our committees, please reach out to the chairperson.

Board of Directors

The full board of directors meets every 4th Wednesday in January, April, July, October

Executive Committee

Meets every 4th Wednesday, monthly at 6:30pm on Zoom

Governance Committee

Meets as needed on Zoom

Education Committee

Meets every 4th Thursday on odd months at 7pm on Zoom.

Advocacy Committee

Meets every 2nd Wednesday on odd months at 7pm on Zoom

Membership Committee

Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of even month at 6pm on Zoom

Council of Clubs

Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of odd months at 6pm on Zoom

Outreach & Equity Committee

Meets on the 2nd Monday of even months at 6:30pm on Zoom