Bike Center Project Update – September 2021

Thanks to the generosity of “the angel of Liberty Station”, Mrs. Dorothea Laub, and a donation from the Rotary Club of Pt. Loma (with a shout out of thanks to Richard Stakelum for his support), we are on our way to the first step of the reconstruction and repurposing of Building 191 in Liberty Station so that it can become a community bicycle center.

Unfortunately the building contains a variety of Asbestos Containing Materials, so the cost of cleaning it out and clearing the debris is significant- but thanks to the generous support of people who would like to see this project happen we are making inroads and hope to start soon.

At this stage of the project we are talking to people throughout our community to gauge their support and elicit their ideas for going forward. It’s an exciting time – let us know if you’d like to help!!

Richard Opper, Chair, Capital Campaign Committee