Bike Month 2021 Raffle Prizes

Happy Bike Month! We’re celebrating with prizes for pedaling!

Every $5 you donate to the Bike Coalition’s Bike Month 2021 Campaign earns you 1 raffle ticket. Contribute $100 and you get 20 raffle tickets!

Raffle tickets will be drawn on June 3rd, 2021 during our World Bike Day Celebration on Youtube Live.  Tune in at 5pm PDT to find out if you’re a winner!

SDCBC Bike Month 2021 t-shirt designed by Fabian Chow
Blackburn carbon waterbottle cage
Lizard Skins bar tape, 2.5mm
knog Oi bicycle bell, large
Wend Chain Wax Kit, Yellow
knog Lil Cobbler, front light, black
DZ Nuts Women's Bliss Chamois Cream
Blackburn 2'FER XL light set
Blackburn Combo ligh set
Pro Bike Gear, Stealth Saddle Offroad, 152mm
PDW YO! WRAPS coffee
Lizard Skins Northshore Dual Clamp Lockon Grip, Red
Lizard Skins Northshore Dual Clamp Lockon Grip, Black
Camelback Crux Reservoir Cleaning Kit
Camelback Crux Reservoir, 3 Liter
Hammer Nutrition Recoverite Drink, chocolate
DZ Nutz Men's Pro Chamois Cream
PDW YO! WRAPS, donuts
SDCBC bicycle jersey