Bike Valet or Bike Rack Rental Request

Event Information

Ex. 08:00 AM
Ex. 10:30 PM

Bike Parking Service Selection

Bike Valet Fees & Service

Rack Rental Fees & Service

Fee level

(full day = 6 -10 hrs)
$1000/day 220-300 bikes
$800/day 120-220 bikes
$700/day 10-120 bikes

(part day = 1-6 hrs)
$700/part day 220-300 bikes
$600/part day 120-220 bikes
$500/part day 10-120 bikes

Service includes:

Bike Valet Service includes valet staff for the duration, check-in table, wrist/bike bands, sign-in/liability waiver form, A-frame signage, security fencing, set-up and take down.

Fee level

$300/day 220-300 bikes
$200/day 120-220 bikes
$100/day 10-120 bikes

Service includes:

Bike Rack Rental includes rack rental and self-parking signage.

You are responsible for picking up of the racks from the Bike Coalition office.

Indicate the maximum number of bikes to park at one time
Ex. 06:30 AM
Ex. 06:30 PM


* Contact the Bike Services Coordinator if you have questions about pricing or if you’re a non-profit, to request a discount waiver.
* Bike Parking Service Requests should be started 30 days prior to the event date. Confirmation must be completed at least one week in advance or the service is subject to cancellation.
* Please fill in all information as accurately as possible, including your best guess as to the number of bikes to accommodate. If you don’t know a number based on a previous event, make a guess. Missing information could delay service acceptance and scheduling.
* When planning your event, the bike parking area should be located at the event entry to provide the most visible and convenient parking for the cyclist. And it should be highlighted on your event map to facilitate its use by your event attendees.
* Events could consider a discounted ticket for attendees that use the bicycle valet to encourage participation.

Terms of Service

* Bike parking service fees are based on a single location. If more than one location is required, please contact the Bike Services Coordinator.
* An administrative fee may be applied depending on the complexity of the planning and coordination.
* Bicycle racks may not be used for any other purpose than bike parking. And they should not be moved from where they are set-up.
Damage to any rack may result in a charge of up to $250 per rack for replacement.
* Damaged or missing racks will result in a charge of $250 for replacement.
* Payment for services rendered is due at SDCBC in full no later than two weeks following receipt of the invoice. SDCBC will submit an invoice within a few days following the event.

Service Agreement

After submitting the quote request, the Bike Parking Coordinator will email the event contact person with a confirmation. If accepted (scheduling conflicts could prevent booking), the email will state the type and size of service to be provided and the appropriate service fee due following the event.

Contact Information

Contact for questions.