Board Candidates 2024

Welcome Board Member Candidates!

Elections will be held on November 29th during the Board Meeting.  Election and Voting details to be announced in the November newsletter and posted here.

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Daniel Gaytan

Board Member Incumbent

Daniel was born and raised in the South Bay of San Diego County. His passion for cycling connected him with the bike coalition and its mission. Daniel is a public policy and advocacy professional with experience working for government and nonprofit entities in San Diego, Washington DC, Orange County, and LA County. He hopes to use his experience in policy and grassroots advocacy to further the mission of the bike coalition to make all of San Diego County a friendlier place for cyclists of all levels.

Virginia Lingham

Board Member Candidate

Virginia is a mobility technology leader with nearly 20 years of experience in transportation. She is passionate about improving transportation mobility and helping clients solve their most complex challenges, often by bridging the gap between research and implementation of emerging transportation technologies with innovative techniques and solutions.
Virginia is a long-standing active member of several Transportation Research Board committees and panels. She supports Wayne State University students as an industry mentor and frequently engages with the Women’s Transportation Seminar activities. Additionally, Virginia maintains annual memberships with USA BMX, USA Cycling, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, and the American Motorcycle Association.

Steve Myrick

Board Member Candidate

Over the past 20 years, I have bicycled in over a dozen European countries, Australia and Japan. Cycling in these many locations has allowed me to observe cycling infrastructure in all of its forms. There is no denying that safe bicycling infrastructure promotes more participation in cycling. There needs to be an organization like the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition to help
municipal planners design safe bicycling infrastructure. Yes, cost is an issue, however, so is quality of life. More people using bicycles to meet their everyday needs means less air pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Cycling in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia for the past 30 years has given me an insight into what safe cycling infrastructure should look like.
These past 30 years have taught me that cycling increases when there is safe cycling infrastructure. I support safe cycling infrastructure for experienced as well as novice riders. When cyclists feel safe they cycle more.
My goals as a member of the SDCBC BOD are to 1) make the organization financially secure, 2) improve and increase safe bicycling infrastructure in San Diego, 3) increase membership in the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, 4) provide educational opportunities for cyclists and motorists and 5) have the SDCBC be recognized as the local source for bicycle-related information.

Joshua I. Piedra

Board Member Candidate

From a young age, growing up in an immigrant working-class family, Joshua learned the importance of community. His lived experiences have shaped his values of empathy, compassion, and justice. Personally, he is committed to empowering his community as a grassroots organizer and advocate for public policy that centers on social and racial equity. Professionally, he has worked in youth organizing, labor organizing, and community and political organizing. Currently, he serves on 2 Boards, as a Board Member with Youth Will and as Board Vice President with SanDiego350.

Gibram Sanchez

Board Member Candidate

As an Urban Planner and active member of the San Diego community, I assert that the advocacy for policies and regulations geared towards the advancement of equity in transportation planning and funding is important. These mechanisms function as a navigational framework for the systematic alleviation of disparities in transportation accessibility and outcomes within our region. I’m committed to bolstering the efforts of the San Diego Bike Coalition through fundraising, volunteer contributions, and the application of my expertise. Notably, I previously collaborated with Free Bikes 4 Kidz/SDCBC as the Volunteer Coordinator throughout the entire duration of their 2021 program.