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Provide hands on support and meet fellow bicycling friends by volunteering with the Bike Coalition. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. Help with events, outreach, education and more!
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Group Of Cyclists Resting During Cycle Ride Through Park


Join the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and help make bicycling better in San Diego County. We represent cyclists who see bicycling as a solution for the traffic, health and environmental challenges we face in our community. We can’t do it alone. The Bike Coalition depends on bicyclists like you to continue our work making cycling a healthier and more sustainable means of transportation and recreation. Learn more…




Please donate today to help us expand our reach throughout San Diego, and grow this community so we all can enjoy a ‘Life by Bike.’ Your gift will help us ‘gear-up’ for an exciting 2015, as we work to provide safer places for all people ages 8 to 80 to ride in their everyday lives. Learn more…


IMG_4215 Sponsor/Host an Event

Support our work to make San Diego County the most bike friendly region in the nation and connect your business to people who care about their health and the health of our local economy and the environment.

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IMG_2759Report a Road Hazard

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition knows the importance of smooth and safe pavement for bicycling.

We are asking our members to help spot sections of crumbling pavement across the county. While we continue to work toward advocating the repaving and incorporation of bicycle facilities in long corridors that carry a lot of bike traffic, municipalities continually repaves one- or two-block segments of roadway that need it. This improves the city’s roadway condition, and addresses pavement needs in neighborhoods across the city while avoiding the higher cost associated with longer projects. Learn more…